Utrecht in Breda and Breda in Antwerp, 20 and 21 July 2019

Here are the maps of my journeys on Strava, a software used by top athletes to track their performance and compare with their opponents.

I knew I couldn't leave early because the Sleep Well Hotel (that's really the name of the hotel) didn't serve breakfast until eight o'clock. I was ready at nine o'clock but weather lady had other plans. It wasn't supposed to rain until 11 a.m., but it seems the weather doesn't feel constrained by the forecast. She must have had a bad Internet connection! Finally I left around ten o'clock and spent most of the morning hiding from the showers and dinner time under a small bridge! I even thought about turning back but about two o'clock in the afternoon. The road was beautiful, a campaign that resembled a staging of a Tim Burton film. Country houses with straw roofs, all the animals at the rendezvous, ducks, geese, horses, very few mosquitoes which is amazing considering the amount of phenomenal water perfectly controlled.


The clouds emptied their too full again around 14 o'clock so I took refuge under a tree and i was afraid of having trouble finding a room so I activated my data roaming for the second time and booked a room at the Bastion Hotel in m Breda arge. But fear not, I made a foray in the morning on my way to Antwerp. So here are some pictures of Breda in their own right.

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