Cuba March 19th 2023; rest days in Boyeros, day 3

After another hearty breakfast, I walked about 7 km to visit the municipality of Boyeros and came back sweating. Boyeros is one of the 25 municipalities of Havana located in the southwest where one finds the José Martí International Airport (HAV for intimates). Several buildings bear witness to an industrial past, but in 2023, everything seems closed except for a cigar factory ! There is a zoo, which had over 800 animals, that has been closed for several years— I spent the rest of the day reading and preparing for my trip tomorrow, which was a good thing, considering that the rain was on for most of the afternoon. I’m going to leave my bike box here for the return trip and put as much luggage in there as I can to lower my load. Here are the photos of my visit to Boyeros.

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