Antwerp to Brussels, 22 July 2019

This is the last bike ride of my journey.

My last stage was about fifty kilometres, so I was in no hurry. I woke up a little before eight o’clock and shopped my hotel before having breakfast. I left a little after ten o’clock and my ride was rather chaotic in that I spent my time looking at my cell phone to make sure I was on the right track. Other than that, the tracks were parallel to national roads with little traffic, the fact that it was the day after the national holiday was perhaps a factor, so I did not see the beauty of Belgium … To add a little spice, in the afternoon, a screw holding my luggage door broke. Fortunately, nothing serious and I was able to repair quickly. The heat came which made the end of the journey painful, but I still arrived at the Mozart Hotel relatively early. A fantastically decorated hotel in the Oriental style. Here is a slide show of the pictures for July 22th 2019 followed by a button allowing to see the entire Smugmug album.

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