Brussels to Montreal, July 23-24, 2019

The last stage of my journey was without problems. On Tuesday morning, I found a box for my bike and proceeded to pack it for transport which I finished before noon. The rest of the day I went back to the Brussels park to enjoy it and in the evening I bought a good lamb couscous with a Tunisian wine. On Wednesday morning, I finished packing my bags and visited the central station to spot the route. I only had 350 meters to cross but it was painful, the heat wave had already started at ten o'clock! Fortunately, I had help over a hundred meters from a Japanese tourist who took pity on me. 

There were only a few seats left on the flight (which my friend Yuri had confirmed the day before) but it went well even though we are not used to passengers in Standby at BRU. It was a good thing because I wasn't charged for the transportation of my bike!

My angel Gabrielle picked me up at the airport and we went to eat with family at Shandmas, a small Haitian restaurant in the neighborhood, nice back home.

Now, some pictures of Brussels. 

My journey lasted eighty days and I am far from having toured the world but I had extraordinary experiences and saw sublime landscapes and cities. When people ask me what the most beautiful city I've seen I answer spontaneously Prague but it's not entirely true. All cities have their own qualities that make them unique and they are all beautiful. This afternoon, while going to eat with co-workers I was amazed by the beauty of a small park on Prince Arthur Street. The only thing I regret is not having taken more often detours outside the tourist areas. The volume of tourists in some cities such as Prague and Dubrovnik is bordering on madness. Of course, there are people who benefit, but there are many people who are dispossessed of their way of life and their environment without having a say in the development of their city. I'm not sure what the solution is because I'm the first to like to travel but tourism has to develop differently…

About four thousand five hundred kilometers of traveled with relatively few mechanical glitches (apart from several broken rays) and no physiological and psychological problems. I count myself lucky to have the health to have carried out this project and I hope to do more. There are many places I would like to revisit but the world is big and I have not yet cycled in Asia, Africa or Australia so we will see.

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