Athens to Brussels; recap of the entire trip

In my first post retirement trip, I visited 11 countries cycling almost 4,500 kilometers in 66 steps from May 5th to July 24th 2019. A trip almost impossible to summarize except to say that despite the fact that I was in no hurry to get back, it was over much too fast. My mind is filled with beautiful memories all garbled together in a flow of images, odors and various sensations that leave me wanting more.

This summary is a set of OpenStreetMaps and Strava maps of all the individual steps of my trip with groupings in Google maps (till I find a way to replace these with OpenStreetMap). You can click on the links for the paths and destinations of the Google maps to view pictures of the sections.


1- From ATH airport to La Pirée in two parts:

2- Pirée to Loutra Obeas Elenis, in the Peloponnese

3- Loutra Obeas Elenis to Xylocastro, in two parts;

4- Xylocastro to Patras

5- Patras to Thermo, probably my most difficult day.

6- Thermo to Amplilochie

7- Amphilochie to Kanali

8- Kanali to Igoumenitsa in two parts

9- Corfu à Lefkimmi, without bagages.

Here the summary of my trip in Greece in Google Maps


10- Igoumetisa to Ksamil

11- Ksamil to Himarë

12- Himarë to Radhimë

13- Radhimë to Berat

14 – Berat to Elbasan

15 – Elbasan to Fushë-Krujë

16 – Fushë-Krujë to Lake Shkodra

Here is a summary of my itinerary in Albany with Google maps.


17- Lake Shkodra Resort to Podgorica

18- Podgorica to Kotor

19- Kotor to Budva and the tunnel of death!

20- Budva to Herceg-Novi


21- Herceg Novi to Dubrovnick

Incursion in Bosnia and Herzegovina

22- Dubrovnik to Neum

Return to Croatia

23- Neum to Makarska

24- Sumartin to Bol

25- Bol to Supetar

26- Split to Sibenik

27- Sibenik to Zadar

Here is a summary of my itinerary from Montenegro to Zadar in Croatia with Google maps.

28- Zadar to Rtina

29- Rtina to Novelja

30- Zagreb to Varazdin

31- Varazdin to Koprivnica


32- Koprivnica to Zalakaros

33- Zalakaros to Keszthely

34- Budapest to Visegárd


35- Visográd to Komarno

36-Komárno to Bratislava

Here is a summary of my itinerary from Zadar to Bratislava with Google maps.

37- Around Bratislava

38- Bratislava to Malé Leváre

Czech republic

39- Malé Leváre to Breclav with a small incursion in Austria

40- Břeclav to Pohorelice

41Pohorelice to Znojmo

42 – Znojmo to Vranovskà Plàz

43 – Vranovskà Plàz to Slavonice

44Slavonice to Jihlava

45 Jihlava to Kutná Hora

Here is a summary of my itinerary from Bratislava to Kutna Hora with Google maps.

46-Kutná Hora to Prague and ride around Prague

47- Prague to Litoměřice


48-Litoměřice to Bad Schandau

49– Bad Schandau to Dresde

50- Dresde to Riesa

51 Riesa to Torgau

52- Torgau to Lutherstadt Wittenberg

53-Lutherstadt Wittenberg to Oranienbaum-Wörlitz

54- Oranienbaum-Wörlitz to Bernburg

Here is a summary of my itinerary from Kutna Hora to Bernberg with Google maps.

55-  Bernburg to Ballenstedt

56- Ballenstedt to Wernigerode

Here is a summary of my itinerary from Prague to Wernigerode with Google maps.

57-  Wernigerode to Bad Harzburg

58- Hanover to Vlotho

59- Vlotho to Osnabrück

60- Osnabrück to Münster

61- Münster to Vreden


62- Vreden to Arnhem

63- Arnhem to Utrecht and the search for castles.

64- Utrecht to Breda


65- Breda to Anvers

66- Anvers to Bruxelles

Here is a summary of my itinerary from Wernigerode to Brussels with Google maps. Note that I took a train between Bad Harzburg and Hanover.

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