Vreden in Arnhem, 17 July 2019

Finding a place to sleep was a little more complicated than usual in Vreden. I found a hotel that could have made me happy but there were no more free rooms. The lady at the front desk suggested the Time Out, an establishment of one of her friends who has two rooms to rent. I agreed but there were two conditions; I could only be accommodated at 6 p.m. (it was 5 p.m. at that time) and I had to leave at 8 a.m. I accepted both conditions and at my lady's suggestion at the hotel reception, I went to eat in a pizzeria. Fortunately, this pizzeria had an interesting menu, at least the sea bream was interesting, and it was. I talked to my waiter who told me he was from Kosovo. His father opened his first restaurant 30 years ago and the pizzeria has just celebrated its 10th anniversary. He paid me the treat with an Italian dessert wine. The Germans are not so cordial. They don't commit conversion more than they need and they don't give gifts to strangers… They are sometimes surprising lying (at least three times I was guided in the right direction when I seemed to be confu in front of my GPS) but precisely, it surprises. Good enough summary judgment and let's move on to the photos of the course. By the way, Vreden is right next to the border and I am now in the Netherlands.

Arnhem is a big city with nearly two million inhabitants. Like most of the cities I've visited, I've only done passing tourism, much like cruise vacationers, unlike that I go almost blind and walk around everywhere. I walked along the Rhine and found that the tourist potential of this water neck is not being exploited. That may be a good thing, but a lot could be done to make it more attractive. Like the Germans, the Dutch put a lot of emphasis on beautifying their property, especially on the horticultural level. The rich variety of plants on virtually all private properties overshadows public places.

Arnhem's photos now.

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