My hotel in Munich was almost next to the Promenade, a bike highway in a green strip that runs through the city and where almost all the bike paths converge including the R1 I wanted to take. It started well at first but I quickly lost this road while heading in the right direction. I regained and lost the R1 a few times without problems because I was always on a bike path. Around 12:30, I arrive in a village called Rosenthal where I smell a pastry shop. I arrive at the closing but a nice lady served me anyway and made a sandwich with a good espresso. It was enough to allow me to continue my journey and exceed my original goal. Indeed I thought Stopped in Stadtlohn after about 80 km and I continued to Vreden 90 km, just on the border of the Netherlands. To tell you the truth, I'm starting to look forward to going home…

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