Kutna Hora in Prague, 30 June 2019

I realize that if I don't blog regularly, I find it very hard to remember how my journey unfolded. All the days start to mingle… On the 30th I followed the route recommended by maps.me and despite some fear of finding myself on impossible paths, the paths were beautiful, that is to say beautiful pavement, barely the width of a car and very little traffic, no bus or Trucks. The problem is that I made a wrong move and picked myself up again on a national road. Only advantage is that I pedal more regularly and it advances. I forked out to find my bike path and went to Sadsk to eat in a hotel restaurant. I wanted to stay there and enjoy a nearby lake to relieve myself from the heat wave but there was no spare room. So I made a reservation in Prague for a very good price and took the most direct route. The heat was overwhelming so I took several breaks and crossed Prague almost entirely, with a few detours, before finding my hotel. At the front desk I was told that the hotel was full and that the room had been displayed by a technical error from Trivago or Agoda! Eventually I was found a room in a nearby hotel and finished well, but at 40 Euro per night.

Here are the pictures of my ride in google link. Unfortunately, the photos are no longer on my phone and appear in an order that I don't understand…


For the photos of Prague, same problem so here is the links of the albums I shared on Facebook.


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