Arnhem in Utrecht, 18 July 2019

Last night, I had thought that I would give a big shot to go directly to Amsterdam. But when I started shopping hotels, I found the prices far too high. So I opt to make a stop in Utrecht for a few days. It is an important tourist center and also populated enough to be interesting. The journey took place in record time, averaging just over 20 km/h, almost 62 kilometres in just under 3 hours. I did not follow the famous R1 but rather the bike paths of the Netherlands which are among the safest and well marked I have known to date. The only annoying detail, on long sections, scooters rub shoulders with bicycles. It may be good for motorists who do not have to suffer them but it is annoying to be honked and overtaken by its machines …

I obviously didn't take a lot of pictures along the way so I'll be registering all my photos at the same time. They are in reverse chronological order so the photos at the end are from my journey.

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