Berat, its castle and museums

May 21, 2019

I made the tourist on Tuesday; visit the famous Berat Castle, an ethnographic museum and the Iconographic Museum Onufri. The latter contains the largest collection of icons from the 15th to the 19th century and attracts tourists from all over. The ethnographic museum on its side presents an aristocratic 19th century house with a host of artifacts to illustrate the crafts of craftsmen who gravitated around the nobility.

My evening was spent in the company of the family of the owner of the hotel to chat in order to make the children practice English! It would seem that an explanation for the success of the Albanias economy is due to the return of the diaspora which has massively left Albania for Greece and to a lesser extent Italy to the fall of communism. Moreover, the peaceful co-existence of the various religions is due to the fact that the repression of all religions was such during Hoxha's reign that everyone is now happy to be able to practice freely.

During my journey from Berat to Elbasan and I met a Dutch cyclotourist who was on his 22nd day of cycling and also heading to Amsterdam! The world is small.

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