May 20, 2019

My night at Pasterella Resort was very relaxing as the property is in the countryside and the only noise after rush hour was the coaking of frogs. Vlora is a beautiful city but I am convinced that I would not have slept as well.

Following the advice of my host last night, after a hearty breakfast, I left around 8.30am for a 96km towards Berat. The start of the day was relaxed because I let myself be pushed by the wind but the second half was a little more difficult due to my fatigue and the temperature more uncertain. I had to hide from a few waves at gas stations but the most unpleasant was the breakage of two spokes of my rear wheel. Fortunately, I found in Berat a bike repair shop with a young man who learned the trade from his father who himself learned it from his father. A beautiful tradition and practical for me!

Here's the map of my journey.

I decided to stay at the chic Kaceli Hotel at the berat entrance for two nights to have time to visit the old town and museum tomorrow and rest again before embarking on the hundred km to Tirane on Wednesday.

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