May 9, 2019

Leaving Loutra Oreas Elenis, I headed north and then west towards Corinth and then Xylocastro. I had avoided Corinth the day before but I could not miss the opportunity to visit the archaeological museum of the ancient city state of Corinth, the great rival of Athens (cf. ) The museum contains Roman artifacts in addition to Greek remains and occupies a huge plot of land and with several buildings housing several discoveries often recovered from looters. Unfortunately, photos inside are forbidden so you will have to be satisfied with these:

Here is the route of the first part of the day:

The rest of my journey was difficult because I was following a route made for pedestrians that zigzaged between highway, waterways, railways and private properties! I rode making frequent stops to follow my GPS to the letter, to avoid getting lost, and it was only at the end that I joined the old national road from Corinth to Patras that follows the Gulf of Corinth, also winding but much less.

Here is the route of this second part of the day.

Arriving at my destination I discovered a beautiful city where people leave their bike unattended, without worry … A linear park with beautiful pine trees crosses the city between the sea and the main road.

The next day, I have to travel almost 100 km to get to Patras.

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