May 10, 2019

For starters, a picture of my host in Xylokastro, a very friendly young man who fed me like a pasha. I had food for five people for breakfast at the Apollo Hotel. Unfortunately, this hotel seems to have closed its doors since then.

This is the route I took to Patras.

Today is summed up in one word; wind. Almost 100 kilometers, small valleys and five and a half hours of suffering. I met two couples and an Austrian who was doing the course in the opposite direction, from west to east, and it seems that’s correct direction. I knew it was better to make the trip in this direction but I thought I was stronger… After all, what is wind, it’s just air! I was very happy to arrive at the Delfini Hotel where I had a good night with no other events.

I write his lines with a glass of red and smoked salmon by the sea to console me. I take the opportunity to photograph the famous sunset of Patras. Here is my Smugmug album of the photos of the day.

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