Theth; flora, rocks, mountains and cows.

May 26, 2019

My stay at the Bujtina Berishta guest room was outstanding. The food is extremely good, fresh and local, and I slept like a baby! The advantage of being in the country. The main course of the supper was a pork stew that was cut with a fork with salad, cooked spinach, stuffed peppers, feta cheese, olives, tzatziki, grilled pork and bread keeping! An of food! I think we are trying to make tourists fatten up. Lucky I did the two-hour walk again to see the falls again!

Last night's table with a very nice German couple.

Tonight, back at Lake Shkodra Resort, I wanted to be reasonable in ordering a salad and a stew. Judge for yourself, they seek to make tourists fatten for an occult purpose.

My meal tonight

So without further ado, pictures of the cows and a turtle to begin with.

Then the flora

Now the rocks.

Then the mountains.

And finally, the Bujtina Berishta Guesthouse in Theth.

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