Thethi National Park

May 25, 2019

My first night in a tent was not ideal. The bedding is very nice but the rain has hurt my sleep and the stress made me get up around six in the morning, not much earlier than usual. It gave me enough time to pack my bags and have a good breakfast in time to catch my bus to Theth! The bus is an old mercédes with a million kilometers on the clock! We had to be about fifteen and the comfort level was limited (I had my knees glued to the seat in front of me). Nevertheless, the trip was very pleasant due to the presence of half a dozen young people from Shkrodra who came to party in Theth for the weekend. And the party started on the bus with the music and the driver dropping the steering wheel to clap his hands. This became a source of stress when we arrived in an unpaved path for about fifteen kilometers up to 1,500 meters to descend to our destination. I don't remember that when I was also afraid for my life! Apparently, the driver has been doing this route for 26 years, which reassures me for the return tomorrow.

In the end, I have too many photos so I inserted a link to a google photos album. Please tell me if it works.

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