Fush-Kruja in Shkodra

May 24, 2019

I had not realized that when choosing the Erandi Hotel in Rinas I was right next to Tirana airport. In fact, the hotel is a few kilometres from Fush-Kruja and not at all close to Rinas!. This little detail caused me inconvenience because I had chosen Rainis as my destination on my GPS which made me pass by a dirt road. Fortunately, good Samaritans guided me in the right way, I made half a turn and arrived safely at the hotel.

A former co-worker noticed that another colleague was about to take a trip to Albania. It didn't take more than that for Marc-André Bibeau (the other colleague in question) to send me a Facebook invitation and we could discuss to see if there was a possibility that we would meet. We have concluded that we will miss out by a little, which is a shame because Marc-André is Albanian-born and he would probably have helped my understanding of this original nation. All this story to explain that the rest of my adventure comes from a suggestion from Marc-André not to miss the opportunity to see Thethi National Park! The problem is that you have to cross a coast of 1.5 km to get to Theth. But I found the solution. Lake Shkodra Resort offers excursions to Theth. So I arrived at this luxury campsite where I spend a night in a yurt-shaped tent and tomorrow I take a bus to Theth or I will spend the day and night to return to my luxury tent on Sunday. There's always a way when you want to!

Here's a map of my journey from Fush-Kruja to Shkodra.

And here are the pictures of Lake Shkodra Resort.

And some images of my course that was quite fast because I made a good portion on national roads with a lot of traffic and no shoulder.

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