Shkodra à Podgorica

May 28, 2019

I extended my stay by a day at Lake Shkodra Resort, my luxury campsite, because the weather was too uncertain. It allowed me to take a little walk in the Albanian countryside when the clouds dissipated for a few hours. I made my way to the Mes Bridge, one of the longest built during the Ottoman occupation.

This morning I decided to leave, even though the weather forecast for Podgorica was bad. I met, by the slightest chance, a group of TDA Cycling cyclists who organize an expedition from Athens to Amsterdam! Maybe it’s not quite a coincidence because I took inspiration from them to make my expedition… We don’t follow the same route because they passed through the north-east of Greece. On the other hand, they also passed through Bérat and they also stop in Podgorica but only for lunch. They are 120 km today while I stop at 58, soaked like a duck. They continue towards Sarajevo while I will probably go towards the Adriatic coast.

The road to Podgorica was quite unpleasant, not only because of the rain but also because of the narrowness of the roadway, without a shoulder, and the large volume of cars not always courteous … Note on cycling culture, there does not seem to be any in Montenegro. In the capital, they have a network of bike paths on which I saw a bike in the space of 5 or 6 km! In northern Albania, there were more and more bikes and no bike paths… And now, the map of my route followed by my photos of the route in reverse chronological order.