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Day 4, A resort like any other and a long road – March 6th 2020 

I chose to stay at the BlueBay Banus because it was approximately mid way between Malaga and Algésiras where I planned to take a ferry to Morocco. I could have been in Cuba or Mexico in a any all inclusive resort with it’s food courts, pools but I can not complain as I did stuff myself with good food and drinks! I took a lot of time to find a place in Algésiras and took a late breakfast so I left at approximately 11h30.

Getting out of Puerto Banus was almost as difficult as getting in, a veritable maze to avoid taking the highway which I ended up taking anyway. The speed restriction is limited to 80 kilometers per hour when bicycles are allowed which is reassuring although a lot of motorist fail to respect the distance between their vehicule and the cyclists but in the end, my speed average was higher due my stress but I may have more gray hairs.

My stay at Algésiras is at the Mir Octavio, a hotel that is a bit dated but where I got a nice room for sixty eight CAD dollars! The hotel was less than 500 meters from the port where I could take my ferry to Morocco.

Following is the ‘Strava’ map of my route for the day followed by an album with pictures from March 5th and 6th 2020.


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