Day 3, mountains, wind and tire flats!

I left late from Málaga because the breakfast was served late and I was too zen as I always am in the morning. After passing through the city, I stopped to take of my jacquet and accidentely put my bike on a plant thorns that punctered both my tires! The repair took a lot of time as my back tire was very difficult to take off and put back on my new wheel. And if that was not enough, one of the tires had more than one hole, which I found out only having already re-installed the tire on my wheel… Despite this bit of bad luck, I enjoyed a beautiful ride with a good climb (a little less than one thousand meters) and I crossed several cyclist sporting huge smiles. After the climb, I got back to the side of the sea and followed a main highway for about ten kilometers. Most the the road had a good size shoulder and the majority of the motorist were respectful but still, I don’t like highways…The road the to resort I had booked was a veritable maze and I ended up arriving late with the setting sun blinding me.

Following is a ‘Strava’ map of my ride followed by an album with pictures from the 5th and 6th of March 2020.

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