Ksamil in Himar, hills and more hills!

May 17, 2019

I’m always complaining, but today my body endured a lot and hardly suffered. It went well! 1,167 meters of ascent and just over 66 km with an average heart rate of 121; that’s not bad for a man in his sixties. And I didn’t push my bike even though I put my foot down a few times… The views are spectacular, overlooking a beautiful valley that stretches out in front of a mountain range. My legs and my cardio are where they should be!

Here is the map of the route and an image of the gradient.


I had the choice of several hotels but I was seduced by the first offer of a room with breakfast and sea view for 20 Euro.

I met a Swiss cyclist who had just arrived from Corfu carrying more luggage than me. He goes places where few tourist aventure themselves taking everything with him to be self-sufficient. I think he suffered for the next few days because he seemed to be in worse shape than me….

I left late (around 9 am ) and arrived here in Hiram around 3 pm. I had a white beer at the Red Indian rock bar which has a very impressive array of American artifacts. The owner in leather pants and cowboy boots looks like an 70’s hippie cowboy…

Here are some videos taken during my journey.

And here’s a photo gallery hoping you like it…

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