Almost all my former colleagues at Transat have done their tour of Portugal, now it’s my turn! I’m taking advantage of the fact that Transat still offers flights to Lisbon in November to go on a little expedition with a folding bike. I’ve booked a room in a posh youth hostel in front of the Tagus for three days and afterwards I’m thinking of taking a train to Faro in the south and up the Atlantic coast to return to Lisbon.

My daughter, Gabrielle, graciously accompanied me to the airport and the check-in for my bone went quickly and without charge for my cake which allowed me to benefit from the Odyssey Desjardins lounge. The flight went well even if I didn’t get any sleep which meant I spent the day in a constant state of fatigue. I mounted my bike at the airport and took a long diversions to get to the hostel. Unfortunately, my room was not ready but they took my lugging and I left my bike in the lobby. So I spent the early walking around Lisbon and had an plate of sardines as apetizer a plate of Bacalhau ( the famous Portuguese cod ).

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