May 15, 2019

There are so many different variations of the name of this fabulous island that we come to forget which one is French, English or Greek! What about this site that has not already been said; it’s a bit too touristy for my taste but it’s not for nothing that tourists are at the rendezvous. There are archaeological remains, Venitian ruins, beaches, good food, including local beers, in short there is nothing missing.

This morning, I renewed my reservation at the chic Hotel Oscar (a small family business in Igoumenitsa) and crossed the street to take a shuttle to Corfu, a journey of just over an hour and a half. After walking without a map in the old town I kicked myself where we know and I decided to pedal to Lefkimmi, the other port that offers shuttles back to Igoumenitsa. Problem is that I took too much time to start and missed the 16h00 boat by about 5 minutes, with a detour of 10km … The next shuttle is at 7:00 pm which gives enough time to write this story.

Here is the map of the journey from Corfu to Lefkimmi.

The only problem is that I have too many photos. I’m still trying to share what I can.

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