Kanali in Igoumenitsa

May 14, 2019

The days follow each other and do not look the same! Today I started the day with the repair of a puncture and leave the Aqua Blue guesthouse around 9:30 am. I felt like I was going to save myself from the rain but she caught up with me and my badly repaired puncture was revived… I thought I was able to avoid a full repair by inflating my tire every 20 km but the rain was falling more and more and when I stopped for the second time to re-inflate my tire I realized that I had a broken radius! At that moment, a small black pick-up truck stopped in front of me to offer assistance, an angel arrived just when I needed it. We went down to the seaside at Vrachos beach, where my good Samaritan was dealing with the owner of Tavern Orféas, a charming little restaurant/hotel, or I repaired my puncture properly this time (I found the little piece of glass lodged in the tyre at the source of the problem). All that remained was to find a place to repair my ray. My host took me up the coast on the main path and suggested stopping at Parga to spend the night and do my repair. I opted to go directly to Igoumenitsa because I thought I had a better chance of finding a bike repair shop in this important port city. This was done with the help of the hotel owner who showed me the way by scooter. They're really nice Greeks.

The map of my two-step journey.

Video of Sunday shortened with a little zizique.

Tomorrow I leave my luggage at the hotel and i visit Corfu!

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