About me


First off, why should I have a blog about me and my experiences. Quite simply because I plan on having some fabulous adventures during my retirement and I want to share my adventures as we all know that shared adventures are the best. Also, I want to remember them and my blog is like a diary which might be entertaining and maybe even useful for those that might want to carry on similar adventures. Those that know me will not be surprised to see that my adventures stem mainly from cycling.

My passion for cycling started when I was quite young but it took a turn after I participated in a few ‘Grand Tour’, the cycling expeditions organized by Vélo Québec for 5 or 6 years in a row. I also did a few tours in the south of France, the american West coast, Hawaii and in 2018 I cycled in Eastern Europe for about 10 days. To date, I have always been limited in time and had to come back to work within a few weeks. Those days are over as I’ve retired and now have all the time in the world. This year (2019) I made a major trip crossing Europe from Athens to Brussels from May 5th to July 24th. My original objective was Amsterdam but I changed my mind in Antwerp when I saw the price of hotel rooms in Amsterdam! My objective was quite simply to move north gradually and try to avoid the heat waves that plague the south of Europe.

I wrote my blogs in French and am now in the process of gradually translating them to English so they can get a wider audience.

My vehicle, 2017 Specialized Sequoia Expert
Me in my current look.