About me

Fontière Tchéquie et Autrice

Why have a blog centered on me and my experiences? Simply because I believe in sharing my joy in discovering new places and people all over the world. I retired in May of 2019 and plan on making the most of my spare time. My first epic trip was a 79 day trip from Athens in Greece to Brussels in Belgium. Originally, I wanted to finish in Amsterdam after looking at the prices of accommodations from Utrecht in the Netherlands, only 60 kilometers from my final destination I choose turn around and to ride a few extra days to return home in Montréal from Brussels.

My passion for cycling started a very long time ago but increased exponentially after participating in 5 or 6 Grand Tours , a yearly week long bike expedition organized with brio by Vélo Québec where up to 2,000 cyclist visit a different regions of Quebec with occasional sorties in the US and Ontario. I also cycled in the south of France, Hawaii and the US west coast. In 2018 I made a trip from Budapest to Prague and I have done a bit of cycling in Cuba and Guadeloupe. I have trouble staying in the same place for too long and do not mind being alone! I believe there is no better way to travel than by bicycle except may walking but my knees would hurt too much and it’s much faster to ride a bicycle.

My bicyle, a Speciliazed Sequoia Expert
My current ride. Back wheel was not sturdy enough and had to be changed.

If you are curious, you can follow me on my trips and see the pictures I have taken whenever I thought I should freeze moments to compensate for my failing memory.

A portrait of me in 2017